MiKidz - Children's Accessories - Star Store of the Week

rsh_admin   >  10 October 2014

Introducing Rashoodz Swimwear’s Star Store for the week…

MiKidz Children's Accessories

MiKidz offer a wide variety of items for all children aged from new-born, babies, toddlers and right through to teenagers. The hottest item at MiKidz right now is the Rashoodz Swimwear Swim Nappy Pants. It is their best seller! According to Megan, her customers loves the ease of use and the fact you can wash and re-use the swim nappies.

Megan is part of a mother/daughter dynamic duo team who work at the markets on the weekends as well as a facebook online store. She loves the fact that they can catch up with each other and also meet new customers. MiKidz have a lot of returning customers who purchase various items for presents and who also love just coming for a chat, which really makes Megan's day.

The team at Rashoodz Swimwear think that the best part of MiKidz is the pick up or free delivery to the Brisbane area when a purchase is made off Facebook. They also now offer adults hats and decorative LED lights for the house.

Contact : Megan

Phone Number:0418883785

Opening Hours: We are open 7 days a week

Facebook site: www.facebook.com/mikidzchildrensaccessories