Disney's Moana Inspired Birthday Party

lauraf   >  3 March 2017

moana cake I love the movie Moana and so does my daughter. So we created a Moana inspired party for her birthday. It was a hit with the party going children. Here are the few things we did to make it fun.

The Cake

I created a small two tiered cake and covered it in buttercream. I then stuck gluten free chocolate biscuits on the sides and piped green icing around the edges to make it look like vines. The waterfall was created with blue icing and clear edible gel piping painted over the top with a paint brush.  The sand was made by crushing up some gluten free biscuits. I popped a Moana doll on the top and it was ready to eat.

The Fruit Kebabs

I got some skewers from the store and grapes, strawberries and pineapple. Cut them up and slid them on the sticks. I wrapped a piece of Styrofoam with paper to stand them up on. I printed the little faces from the Disney family website, cut them out and sticky taped them them on. These were a big success. All gone in one hour!

 Jelly Boats

Trying to stay Moana themed we created blue jelly cups with left over crumbed cookies from the cake along with some pineapple lumps for boats. I drew a little symbol that I think was on Moana's boat and cut out the sails and weaved them onto the toothpicks. My daughter love these!


Along with the normal games we play at a party I added Limbo. I was a big hit! I used two wrapping paper rolls and tapped them together. I got my daughter to decorate it with streamers. We then let each child have a go, trying to go under the stick. Each time the whole group had gone through we would love the stick. If they fell down they were out. The girls wanted to keep playing it over and over again. It was great fun.
  1. kebabsjelly boatsIf you have any great party ideas, please share them with us. I will be sharing a Cars inspired party soon. Thanks for reading.