Mother and Baby Magazine - Swimwear Selection

lauraf   >  9 October 2017


Mother and Baby's latest magazine has added Rashoodz into their favourite swimwear for sprint summer 2017!

Widdle Waves: Swim Hat and Boardshorts

Our gender neutral "Widdle Waves" print with the blue and white waves has made a big impression this summer. Circled in red you can see the board shorts and swim hat in the "Widdle Waves" print. Don't miss out on these items as they are nearly sold out.

 Pineapple Party Baby Swim Nappy

The other super cute Rashoodz Baby Swimwear item is the pineapple swim nappy. Also in a super cute gender neutral print. Our baby swim nappies are perfect for a swim in the ocean or swimming lessons. Don't let those embarrassing moments happen ever again. Grab a pair of our award winning swim nappies and never look back.

Gender Neutral Swimwear

There has been lots of requests for us to design gender neutral swimwear. Rashoodz has worked very hard to create some swimwear that would be perfect for both boys and girls. Let's face it, boys and girls can really wear any colour. Pink, green, blue, yellow. But we really feel that the pineapple party print and the widdle waves print can really be loved by both girls and boys! If you want to shop online for our gender neutral prints go to this link /assets/imported/product-category/unisex-swimwear/