A chat with The Real Mumma

lauraf   >  19 January 2017

fhgjf wyj Hey Rasheadz, Check out our interview with Mummy Blogger The Real Mumma. We love her Blog and Facebook page about being a first time mum to Harvey - they are incredibly honest and often very funny. You can check out her Facebook Page here and her Blog here. What is your favourite thing to do at the pool/ beach with your kids? There is nothing better than building sand castles and dig your own mini pool in the sand on the shore line at the beach. The ocean can be a little cold for Harvey so he loves a little paddle pool! What’s the best thing about swimming with your kids? Swimming was a huge part of my upbringing. I have so many memories that involve water. I started at a young age, went on to do swimming and surf life saving competitively and then was a teacher in my 20's.  I love that I am giving Harvey loads of exposure to water from a young and creating memories for him too. Most of all, teaching him the skills he needs to be safe around water or be able to help someone in trouble. What’s the worst thing about swimming with your kids?  Constant anxiety. Harvey has no fear! We took Harvey to Europe recently and the majority of the beaches were pebbled. The whole beach was a choking hazard!! Name two products you couldn’t live without on a pool/beach trip with kids? It's not a beach or pool day without ice cream running down your wrist and face. And our Rashoodz swim suit. We have owned two now and they make life so easy. Harvey loves to take his hat off, so I know we will never lose it as it is attached and the accessible bottom half makes nappy changes a breeze. On weekends he is constantly wearing it. Even if we are just at home under the sprinkler. Have you got a funny or scary story to tell us about an experience you have had with your children and swimming? Nappy free time and a slip and slide can get messy! Thanks The Real Mumma for letting us interview you your answers made us giggle! Good luck with your new pregnancy - we can't wait to supply bub with sun safe Rashoodz baby swimwear. Love Rashoodz