My Child Excellence Awards Winner

lauraf   >  11 July 2017

My Child Excellence Awards - Favourite Outdoor Product

Rashoodz Swimwear has an exciting announcement. We are the winners of the silver ribbon in the favourite outdoor product category! First of all, thank you to all those customers who voted for us.  Rashoodz super appreciates you and your support.

What is it all about?

The My Child Excellence Awards is an Australian Children's magazine competition.  They have online monthly magazines. These magazines show the latest and greatest for children products. In addition to great articles on parenting and everything kid. Furthermore, My Child Magazine describes themselves on their website as: "This is a place to find not only wholesome and simple parenting reads and information, but encouragement, humour and motivation for your journey as a caregiver. At my child Mag, it is truly our greatest heart’s desire to help others find encouragement and fulfilment through the best digital magazine experience possible."

Read the magazine

Parents who are interested in checking out the magazine click the below link: See the whole lot of winners in their latest my child magazine special edition for 2017

The other winners

Finally, congratulations to Little Innocents and  Globber for the GOLD and BRONZE award!


If you wish to go shopping for our amazing product hop on over to Go and buy some of the best loved outdoor baby and children's swimwear in Australia!