mylight Discount Code

lauraf   >  10 May 2017

What is mylight?

Born in Australia Mylight has been creating personalised night lights that have gone into over 14,000 homes across Australia. Mylights are a personalised night light that is unique as your child. You design your own one of a kind light using their online design tool to create a one of a kind light that is manufactured right here in Australia. They have a great range of colours, designs and light type. The options are limitless. Their lights are made from a solid constructions using aluminium composite, lovingly handmade and includes a long life LED that is both safe and cheap to run. After operation for 9 years since the birth of their first child Mylight has been going strong and have been a part of peoples night time routine from birth and beyond. The beauty of a mylight is they “grow” with your child making it a one time purchase and go on being used for many years while be stylish and functional. Check out their website Below at

They have a discount available for Rashoodz fans enter the code:-  HOODZ in checkout for 15% Off all Mylights.