Nappy Bag Essentials

rsh_admin   >  17 August 2012

When I was asked by a pregnant friend "what should i put in my nappy bag?" , I had terrible flashbacks of my overflowing overstuffed bag. I've been a mother for 5 years now and have seen some pretty organized nappy bags in my time. I have looked on in envy at neatly packed bags while I tried to fit a size 000 spare onesie I fished out the bottom of my bag onto my size 0 child after a nappy explosion at the shops. Without fail whenever I needed a spare outfit, the one I had sitting in the bottom of the nappy bag was always one size too small. So for me the most essential item in my nappy bag has always been the right size spare outfit for my babies. As they have grown older I still keep a spare pair of clothes in the car, incase of toilet accidents or vomiting episodes. It's funny to note, we always have at least one parent buy a Rashoodz Swimsuit or pants off us at Baby Expo's because their baby or toddler has soiled their clothes. Newborn baby Nappy Bags tend to be the fullest and hardest to pack. You need to take everything from nappies, wipes, bibs, bottles, hand sanitizer, warps, socks, hats, sunscreen, dummies, feeding cloths, blankets, 2 sets of spare clothes, toys. I will never forget my first outing with my baby, I checked and double check my bag and still worried I'd forget something. The items in a nappy bags will change over time as your child does for example when they start teething, rusks and chew toys become important. However there are some items that always seem to be in the nappy bag no matter what their age. The following essential items were shared by our lovely facebook fans.
  • Wallet
  • tissues
  • Baby sunscreen & Papaw Ointment
  • toys and baby biscuits (magic to keep them quiet)
  • cookies or nibbles
  • Spare bib!
  • Bottle,dummy and baby fruit bars
  • Bottle, dummy, toys, change of clothes
  • Not one but two. Water and food for babies
  • hand sanitizer
  • Water bottle! I was always so thirsty!
  • A spare face cloth or two for wiping up anything and everything
  • Changing mat, spare everything! haha Dummy clips, clothes, lots of bibs! (little one is teething) and bepanthen! Use it every nappy change! and in my bag I keep the panadol and ear thermometer haha
  • Snacks for sure
  • Loose change when your wallet is empty and you need that coffee!!!
  • bepanthen, nappy bags, change mat, spare clothes, hand sanitizer :)
  • Extra bibs and a change of clothes in case of projectile vomit...
  • hand sanitizer and my gorgeous Nutrimetics Hydrafinity hand cream!
I'd love to hear what is your essential nappy bag item.