NO hat, NO sunglasses, NO play says CANCER COUNCIL

lauraf   >  21 February 2017

Hey Rasheadz, Our friends at Cancer Council Queensland have been recently been speaking about the need for eye protection in children and young people. Proposing a voluntary change to the rule no hat, no play in schools, adding sunglasses to the must wear list. We believe this would be a great move for parents and schools, but remember to consider the following. When purchasing sunglasses for your child or even yourself make sure you check out the UV and category ratings of the sunglasses. Category 3 is the highest (safest) rating and is important in providing a full protection for the eyes. Remember whilst adding sunglasses to the current school rule is a great move to an all over sun protection, sunnies are not the only thing that you need. A hat, sunscreen, and protective clothing is all a must as well. If your interested in purchasing some safe sunnies for your child, we have a great range for 7months - 7years old. Here is the link! Check out the interview by clicking on the video. Love Rashoodz safe sunnies