Our amazing attachable hats for baby swimwear.

rsh_admin   >  4 February 2015

Our amazing baby swimwear is not only pretty its also super smart. It has an attachable hat with clips that keeps hats on heads. No more baby battles to keep their hats on. These hats help train babies to keep their hats on. After a while most babies start looking for their hats and want to keep wearing them. This is a great sun safe skill to teach them. The clips on the nap of the neck allow for easy clip on or off, but not for baby. The clever baby swimwear also has nappy clips which allow for easy access to nappy changes. Any parent who has tried to take their baby to the beach knows how hard it is to change their nappy! Now this baby or toddler swimsuit makes life easy when you go swimming. Get the smartest baby swimwear available by Rashoodz Swimwear available online or in stores. See our stockist page for more information. /assets/imported/shop-online