Bola Ball Pregnancy Giveaway Winner - Baby Bumps

Laura   >  16 April 2018

Bola Ball and Baby Bump Competition.

Our wonderful giveaway with Bola Ball pregnancy necklace has come to an end. But watch the above video above to see all the wonderful entries! 

The winner gets the wonderful Bola Ball Pregnancy necklace that soothes the baby while in the womb, as the ball makes a chime noice as you walk. It can be used once the baby is born to also soothe the baby. It is based on ancient necklaces. What a sweet idea. The winner also gets one of our womens sun safe rashies which is perfect just in time for mothers day. 

The beautiful thing about Rashoodz Swimwear is it offers not only protection for your baby, toddler or child but also for you. Seriously I cannot count the times I made sure my children we sun safe all day to find out at the end of the day that I got burnt! 

Make sure you also get a chance to vote in the my child excellence awards: Just click the below link and you go in for a chance to win a prize too!