Mothers Groups Offer

Laura Furiosi   >  17 April 2018

Calling all amazing Mothers Groups!!! We are offering to a few select Mum's groups the offer and chance to review and examine all sorts of baby products from other amazing Aussie Mums. All you have to do is register below by clicking on the link and telling us a little bit about your Mum's group.

We feel that it is about time Mums get a chance to be heard. When you are busy and have lots of work to do, children to love and stuff to get sorted the last thing you need is to trawl through the products available for your baby and hope that you choose the right one. We want to let Mum's have a say on our facebook live, instagram live and you tube channel. Your group will be able to get up close and personal with the products and then be able to tell other Mums, just like you, what you really think. Lets make life easier for all Mums! 

So if you are currently in a Mothers group and are looking for a fun activity to be a part of, register above and we will get in contact with you.

We so look forward to meeting you all!!!!!