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If you go on any baby and toddler forum or chat site you will see there is always a common thread that appears. Something along the lines of "HELP, I cannot get my baby to wear their hat!" Or " Any tricks to getting my kid to wear a hat?"

I have even copied some down below from the website Essential Kids. 

Over my 11 years of parenting and designing for kids I have a few quick easy tips for any parent who is about to start getting their child to wear a hat. 

TOP FIVE TIPS to get your child to wear hats

Tip 1: Get in early. The best tip I can give you is to start their hat wearing at an early age. The most successful hat wearers, and by that I mean, the ones that remind you to get their hat for them, usually have started wearing hats from a very early age. 

Tip 2: Make it part of your routine. If you put your shoes on and get your hat, everyday and well as put their shoes on and get their hat everyday, it will become part of their routine, you will find they will be doing it themselves by the time they are 5 or 6 yrs old.

Tip 3: Try a hat that they cannot pull off. There are some very cute hats (just like ours) that have clips on the back so you can clip it to the swimwear, or a little neck tie so it ties under their neck. 

Tip 4: Be persistent. Yes babies can probably manage to take off the hats you buy, but the kep is persistence. If a baby or toddler refuses to brush their teeth, do you give up? Of course not because otherwise their teeth will be terrible. The same goes for hats, children need their hats so they can stay protected from the sun. It is vital that you persist. In the first few months you might need to put their hat back on over 10 times a day, but over time, they will slowly get used to it and eventually the hat taking off should stop. 

Tip 5: Be a role model. If you cannot bring yourself to wear a hat in order to stay sun safe, wear the hat in order to keep your baby sunsafe. If they see you wearing a hat, they will want one too. Kids are all about copying their parents and older siblings. Make sure you model the right hat wearing behaviour and you will be a happy sun safe hat wearing family in no time. 

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Some excertps from Essential Baby 

Mine hated hats. Can't tell you how many times I had to retrace my steps when he was a bub after arriving somewhere to find the hat had been ditched out of the pram somewhere along the way without me noticing! We just did the put-it-straight-back-on the-head every time he took it off. Was frustrating for him and me at first but he eventually got the message. 

We were always strict too about needing a hat to go outside, even when he was too little to understand. So we'd get the bag, get his drink, get mummy's sunglasses, get the hat, etc. Now he asks for his hat, and checks me when I forget to put it on him. I found also that he prefers polar-fleece to knitted caps for winter, which makes it easier to keep it on.

You just need to persist and eventually it just works. 

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max was a shocker for taking his hat off... until he started CC!  i was so worried that he'd have to spend all of his time inside (no hat, no outside play rule) but of course, he happily copied the other kids, and since he started CC, he's really great with hats!

in the months before max started CC, i persevered with replacing the hat just as quickly as he removed it blink.gif which, yes, is a very frustrating time wacko.gif

maybe you could go to a nearby park / playground, to observe - with your child - all the other kids, wearing hats?

make up a song, about wearing hats before going outside?

good luck! 

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