Phew!! It's attached.

lauraf   >  11 April 2017

bib Hey Rasheadz, If you hadn't noticed yet - we LOVE things that attach. It just makes life....easier! At Rashoodz we super love anything that makes a parent's day easier, and if you do too - you will love this! We found on Facebook PACIFIER BIBS! That's right the dummy is attached to the bib. Thus, when bub spits the dummy out of their mouth - it is still attached. Not touching the ground, not fallen down the back of the crib or the side of the couch... it's STILL attached. We think we are in love. The pacifier is still easily washable, you simply un-clip the press stud and wash. This idea reminds us of our attachable hats. Attached with press studs for the beach and rip it off for swimming lessons. It was what the foundation of RasHOODZ was built on. Check it out here: Buy one here: Buy Rashoodz here: Happy attaching! Love Rashoodz