Piper Sienna's Mumma Kerry sits down with Rashoodz

lauraf   >  2 February 2017

piper sienna Hey Rasheadz, This week's interview is with Kerry, mummy to Piper Sienna. Piper looks so adorable in our Flower Garden print - what a cutie! We love her technology free bubble idea and  we giggled A LOT about "I need a poo" (hehe). Check it out! What is your favourite thing to do at the pool/ beach with your kids? Just relax, it's such a wonderful way to entertain my kids and it’s the best activity to cool off during the hot summer months, when you swim, you’re literally immersed inside a quiet, refreshing, technology-free bubble. There are no phones, No email. No Netflix What is one tip about swimming with kids that you have learnt the hard way? Lucky I don't think I've really learnt any lessons the hard way but my biggest tip is to always remember that learning to swim is no magical protection against drowning, no sure-fire preventive measure, but swimming lessons do work. The key I believe is water familiarisation - if your toddler can hold their head above water and grab the edge its a great start,  It's not perfect but it helps. So, yes to water familiarisation, yes to lessons and yes to making sure you are always watching. What’s the best thing about swimming with your kids? When I’m in the water I feel so free, calm and relaxed, living in QLD its all about keeping cool while I'm also getting some exercise done at the same time, being a busy mum its always about multi tasking, so its a win win for all of us. What’s the worst thing about swimming with your kids? While swimming is a nice respite from the real world, nothing says “real world” like your toddler yelling for the whole world to hear "I need a poo" and everyone in the pool turning to watch you struggle to the steps in an attempt to pull off the wet swimmers and make the dash to the loos. Name two products you couldn’t live without on a pool/beach trip with kids. In our Australian conditions a good quality pair of UPF 50+ swimmers that are chlorine resistant so that after many washes they still look as bright and new as when I got them. Plus our beach cart it carries everything we need in one trip, it means no more trekking back and forth to the car! it's made our our beach trips bliss! Have you got a funny or scary story to tell us about an experience you have had with your children and swimming? Luckily its not my story but it happened to friends of ours and its always been a really powerful reminder to me how important being able to swim in Australia is. - When one of our friends kids were five, she went on a holiday with some family friends. She was caught in a rip, but didn't panic while an adult swam to get her. When I heard what happened, while I swore I'd never to let  my kids out of my sight ever again. I was also thankful that her parents had the good sense at insisting all her kids went to swimming lessons. It's never just about the water, it's about the place we live. Thanks so much for the interview Kerry! So much useful info from a pro! If you want to check out more from Kerry and Piper you can catch them here:   www.pipersienna.com.au   Insatgram:@pipersienna   Facebook: Pipersienna   Snapchat: Piperseinna Love Rashoodz