Pool Safety Checklist - Keeping your baby, toddler and kids safe.

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Free Pool Safe Checklist

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Follow the ABC of pool safety

  • Always supervise your baby, toddler or child near a pool
  • Begin swimming lessons for your baby toddler or child.
  • Close the pool gate and keep your fence maintained
Some important notes about keeping your baby, toddler and kids safe around pools

SWIMMING POOL GATE - kids are little escape artists, you need to be super careful with the gate.

  • Must open outward from pool.
  •  Must be self closing and self latching.
  • Latch must be more than 1.5m from the ground

SWIMMING POOL FENCE - some babies are climbers so make sure you also don't leave things around for them to climb up on

  • Secure and in good working order
  • Should be at least 1.2m high
  • No more than 100mm from the ground
  • No vertical gaps more than 100mm apart

EMERGENCY PREPARATION - St Johns offers some online e courses you can do, if you cant make it to a venue to learn it in person (see below for link)

  • Up to date CPR and First Aid Skills
  • Resuscitation sign prominent in pool area


  • Electricity and water do not mix
  • A residual current device (RCD) or residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) can save lives.


  • Adult supervision in combination with pool fencing is the most effective method of preventing your child from drowning


  • Should be stored securely, out of view and out of children’s reach

Pool Safety Check List by Royal Life Saving and Home Pool Safety

Click here to download your own pool safety check list


I am in no way safety specialists. We are just trying to spread the message of pool safety for children. Do not solely rely on this information to keep your children safe. Check out the links below to find more information from Government websites. Rules and Regulations may change so always check for regular updates from the link below. This information may no longer be valid.

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