Pool Safety Tips for Children & Babies

Laura Furiosi   >  13 March 2018

Kids Alive and Pool Safety Tips

Swimming safety is something that really matters to us here at Rashoodz Swimwear. We know that swimming is so much fun for children and families, but it can also be dangerous. 

The most important tips for pool safety have been show here in this http://www.poolvacuumhq.com/home-pool-safety-tips/ and also in Lawire Laurence's Stay Alive Do the Five campaign

Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive safety points are:

1) Fence the pool

2) Shut the gate

3) Teach your kids to swim…it’s great

4) Supervise – watch your mate, and…

5) Learn how to resuscitate

Home Pool Safety 

1. Get a safety cover installed

2. Get a pool alarm

3. Invest in pool safety equipemnt including a resussitation poster 

4. Make sure there is adult supervision at all times. 

5. Always be with your children.

Lets all follow these rules and have a fantastic summer of swimming.