Rashoodz Swimwear Photo Shoot 2013

rsh_admin   >  5 December 2013

You know they say that children and animals are the hardest to work with when it comes to film. Well, we didn't find any different. We had lots of fun though and some funny moments caught on camera just had to be shared.

The babies, toddlers and kids were all decked out in our swimwear and had a blast! Below are just a few photos from behind the scenes. It took 12 children and their parents to make the photo shoot work.

It was fun, but we are happy it is another year till we have to do this again. Thanks to everyone who helped out! We love all our kids! They are just so cute!

Thank you to David James Photography. That David sure has patience. The photos turned out great. If you are after a great photography go to his website. http://www.davidjamesweddings.com/ Please note these images are the out takes!

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