Swimwear Ambassador Learns - Reflex Action

lauraf   >  6 June 2017

Rashoodz Ambassador Learns a lifesaving skill!

Baby Swimming Lessons

Hendrix, one of our little swim ambassador did something amazing.  This video demonstrates what is called reflex action.

Reflex Action

Babies are let go of completely and they then learn to turn and "catch onto" something - in this case it was Mum's shirt. For Hendrix, this is the first time he has let go completely and been fully submerged without being held onto. Without a doubt babies and toddlers can benefit greatly from this lesson. Children are learning a vital lesson that they can use in case of a water emergency. If they ever find themselves falling into the pool they can quickly turn around and hold onto something. Obviously this takes practice and a professional really needs to teach this a qualified swim school. Well done Hendrix we are so proud of you and your parents!

Why swimming lessons?

In this great country of Australia where there are pools and beaches everywhere, it really is an essential lesson each child needs to learn. Most of all if you are thinking about  baby swimming lessons make sure you do this in a supervised swimming lessons environment. Check out the listed children's swim schools at the below link: http://www.swimaustralia.org.au/find-a-swim-school

What to wear at a swimming lesson?

Booked in for your first swim lesson and wondering what they should wear? No need to worry. First of all they need to wear something that makes it easy to hold onto them. We suggest a one piece suit. This means no riding up of shirts, and no slippery bare tummies. Our baby swimwear offers the best for swimming lessons because it is chlorine resistant as well, meaning it will last longer and can be passed down to your next child. We even do swimming lesson packs. Check out our swimwear here at www.rashoodz.com.au and get your baby ready to learn a potentially life saving skill. [caption id="attachment_4746" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Hendrix learns to swim as a Rashoodz Swimwear Ambassador[/caption]