Rashoodz Swimwear Giveaway Monday

lauraf   >  14 August 2017

Swim Nappy and Play Suit: this weeks giveaway

Rashoodz Swimwear and Levi and Evelyn are teamed up with week. They have created an awesome baby prize  giveaway Monday just for you! This little baby play suit is the cutest with an aeroplane print. The swim nappy is also super cute and one of the first to be released into the wild! It is our new print "widdle waves"! You cannot get any cuter than this! Make sure you jump on our facebook page www.facebook.com/rashoodzswimwear to enter. You can enter on our instagram too! We are back to giving freebies away on Monday and teaming up with some really wonderful mummy and baby brands this season. Stay tuned and check out our page each Monday. If you cannot wait that long and want a Rashoodz for your baby now, we can't blame you! Make sure you check out www.rashoodz.com.au as new stock is coming soon! 1