The Real Mumma to live stream her second birth on Facebook

lauraf   >  31 May 2017

Hey Rasheadz, Have you heard about The Real Mumma blogger? Adele, a long time supporter of Rashoodz Swimwear is about to welcome her second baby, a little girl into the world. Adele writes daily about being a working mum and the challenges we all face as we try to raise our children the best we can. Recently, The Real Mumma has announced she will be live streaming her second birth on Facebook (she has promised to keep it PG). The news has spread fast and she has since been interviewed on The Project, The Today Show, and countless other print and social media outlets about her plan to publicly stream her upcoming birth. Unfortunately, this has been met with extremely mixed and let's just say it... harsh comments from people across social media. In this office we have parents and non-parents who adore The Real Mumma and we just want to put it out there... there is NO reason to put others down! The old saying goes "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". We think that Adele and her blog is so great for new mums wanting an insight into being a parent for the first time. On her tough days she tells it like it is, making us all feel that little bit less guilty and a little bit more like everyone else. It is also a great forum for parents to discuss or ask questions without the fear of judgement because, hey we are all trying here! The Real Mumma is a beautiful, smart, confident women (and a great mum - doing her best) who has made part of her living by being honest and real about pregnancies, parenting and sharing it with others. As parents, we should be supporting and celebrating  her contribution to giving a voice to women and the hardships of being a parent. To Adele, thanks for supporting us over the years. We support you and hope you have a safe delivery of your new baby girl. Wishing your family all the best. Love Rashoodz