Reusable swim nappies versus disposable swim nappies

lauraf   >  14 June 2017

Reusable swim nappies look better than disposable

Reusable Swim Nappies look so much better than disposables. You get to have matching prints to your baby's swimwear!

Reusable swim nappies save the environment

You can save the environment with reusable swim nappies. You know that using disposables swim nappies that every nappy you throw out goes to landfill. Scientists estimate a disposable nappy takes 400 years to break down.  Every disposable nappy still exists in the form of landfill!

Reusable swim nappies save you money

Disposable swim nappies cost around 12 dollars for a pack of 12. Which is a dollar a swim. Alternatively you could buy a Rashoodz reusable swim nappy for 21 dollars  which is equal to 21 swims to cover the cost and then the rest of the years swimming is saving money! You will get so much more bang for your buck and then you can even reuse them on your second or third child. Watching your carbon footprint, budget and style?  Then rashoodz swimwear reusable swim nappies are for you.

Rashoodz Swim Nappies Awards

If you are now convinced to get a reusable swim nappy, you will need to choose which one. Rashoodz Swim Nappies are globally award winning. Our swim nappies have received
  • Mother and Baby Gold Award for best reusable swim nappy.
  • Mom's Choice Gold Award in the USA
  • Mumii Family Choice Award in the UK
Our customers say that our swim nappies even contain diarrhea. So next time you consider dumping the disposable nappies, consider trying the best swim nappy in the world. Jump on our website and check out all the super cute prints we have. Here is the link to our swim nappy online store.  Wishing you all the fun at your next swimming adventure with your baby! [caption id="attachment_4820" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The best reusable swim nappies in the world[/caption]