Seven wonderful ocean songs to sing to your baby while swimming.

rsh_admin   >  5 September 2014

My baby loved to her me sing songs about the water or ocean while we were swimming in our pool. Not only did the songs work to calm her when she was nervous in the water but it also made swimming time fun. Now she is older she jumps in the pool and sings them herself. Here are some songs that you can sing with your baby next time you both take a splash in your pool.

Fish Alive

1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive.

6,7,8,9,10, then I let him go again.

Why did you let him go?

Because he bit my finger so.

Which finger did he bite?

This little finger on my right.

I’m a little fishy (to the tune of I’m a little teapot)

I’m a little fishy

Watch me swim

Here is my tail

Here is my fin

When I want to have fun with my friends

I wiggle my tail and dive right in.

How Doth the Little Crocodile (by Lewis Carrol)

How doth the little crocodile improve his tail?

And pour the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale.

How cheerfully he seems to grin

How neatly spreads his claws

And welcomes little fishes in

When gently smiling jaws.

I Saw A Ship A Sailing

I saw a ship a sailing a sailing on the sea

And oh it was all laden with pretty things for thee.

There were comfits in the cabin

And apples in the hold. The sails were made of silk

And the masts were made of gold.

The Waves on the Beach (to the tune of wheels on the bus)

The waves on the beach go up and down

Up and down, up and down

The waves on the beach go up and down

All day long.

The crabs at the beach crawl back and forth

Back and forth, back and forth

The crabs at the beach crawl back and forth

All day long

Five Little Shells

5 Little shells lying on the shore

Crash went the waves and then there was 4

4 Little shells down by the sea

Crash went the waves and then there were 3

3 Little shells smooth as new

Crash went the waves and there were 2

2 Little Shells sparkling in the sun

Crash went the waves. Then there was one

1 little shell, left by itself

I took it home and put it on my shelf.

My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.

My Bonnie lies over the ocean.

My bonnie lies over the sea

My bonnie lies over the ocean

Oh bring back my Bonnie to me…

Try and make up some actions to go with the songs that your baby can do in time with the song. Have a great time splashing about.