Stand E24 at the Parents Babies and Children's Expo Brisbane!

lauraf   >  15 June 2017

The Rashoodz Swimwear are going to the Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo in Brisbane this Friday, Saturday and Sunday 16-18th. Are you looking for swimsuits for swimming lessons? The stores don't sell swimwear over the winter, but we do! Come to the Rashoodz stand E24 at the show and we can help you get everything your baby needs to be swimming lesson ready!


We have expert fitters on the stand, who can help you chose sizing that will last for winter and for summer. Are you pregnant? We also have a pretty good track record of helping pregnant parents choose the right swimsuit size. We have had years of practice.


Rashoodz Swimwear is specifically designed for babies and toddlers. The clips in the crotch allow for easy nappy changes. The long zip also helps with getting swimwear over big adorable heads. Heavily chlorinated pools are no match for our swimsuits that are such good quality they can be used as hand me downs. Come to the Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo and let us show you how good they are.


It wouldn't be an expo without some bargains. We have samples, slightly marked stock and other discontinued ranges selling for just $15. But get in quick because they wont last for long. We are pretty sure they will walk out the door in the first few hours. We also have a competition going where you can win a whole swimming lessons pack! So come and scan our scanner!

Familiar Faces

It has been a while since we did a Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo and we are a bit excited for two reasons. 1. We will get to see some familiar faces and see how our customers have grown. 2. We get to meet lots of babies!!!!! Lets be honest, babies are so cute and lovable. So please come by stand E24, so we can say hello to all you lovely parents and your wonderful babies, and hopefully we can help you get the swimsuit, swim nappy and swim hat you have been looking for! Click here for a free ticketĀ  [caption id="attachment_4831" align="aligncenter" width="170"]pregnancy babies and children's expo We are coming to the show see us at stand e24[/caption]