Study shows children are smarter if they do swimming lessons

lauraf   >  28 February 2017

Griffith University has done a study on babies who do swimming lessons over three years. The great news is that babies and toddlers that do swimming lessons tend to be better than the normal population in regards to physical and mental development. Fine motor, Co-ordination, literacy and numeracy skills are far better for children who have been participating in swimming lessons since they were babies. Swimming lessons provide a language rich environment, with direction and counting. This helps toddlers to be better prepared for when they start school. Swimming lessons help these children not only learn to swim but also to engage in learning in other areas. You can find a great swim school on the Swim Australia website check it out for a swim school near you. Then when you are ready check out our swimming lesson packs that include all the things you will need to start. A baby swimsuit, a baby swim nappy &  a swim cap and sunnies for the drive home. You can find them here BABY SWIMMING LESSONS PACK Watch the a video explaining the research findings below: