Surprise a baby on the way!

lauraf   >  15 November 2016

surprise Hey Rasheadz, Singer and acrobatic genius Pink has announced this week that she is pregnant with her second child. To our surprise and probably yours too, the Instagram photo showed a sizable bump. The picture captioned with the word "Surprise". This gets us wondering, if any Rasheadz have experienced a friend or family member who gave them a big surprise or maybe you yourself got a HUGE surprise when you found out you were pregnant. Our Rasheadz Mummy Lara did just that. At her engagement party during the speeches she announced that herself and her partner were going to reveal the date of her wedding inside neatly wrapped cupcake boxes. Each guest got a cupcake box tied with string. Altogether we opened our boxes to find a cute cupcake with a date on it. Indeed it was not their wedding date but their due date. Each cupcake decorated with little baby feet (a fact I did not even notice). Well, everyone was SHOCKED and so so happy. Lara was 4 months along with her first baby (not that you could tell). For her baby shower, we got her the Liberty Bryon Beauty Print. Her bub is going to look so beautiful in our baby swimwear come January. Check out the pics of Pregnant Pink here at! Have a great week Rasheadz, Love Rashoodz