Swim Lesson Ambassador Aisha Lesson 3 - Paddle and Kick

lauraf   >  4 July 2017

Swim Lesson: Paddle and Kick

We love this swim lesson video! Aisha, was learning how to paddle and kick but she would have none of it. We love how babies have their own way of doing things. The good news is over time she will eventually learn to paddle and kick as her daddy and the swim instructor continue to encourage this good swimming tip. The song this is the way we paddle and kick is a great way to have some fun with paddle and kicking. [caption id="attachment_4964" align="alignleft" width="261"]Swim Lesson Swim Lessons paddle and kick.[/caption] Of course if you are ready to get swimming check out the swim schools in your area and book in! Then get your swimming lessons pack so you and baby are ready to start! You can buy your swimming lessons pack online at www.rashoodz.com.au