Swim schools for babies.

lauraf   >  2 February 2017

If you and baby are ready to take the next step and start swimming lessons, we have listed below some trusted swimming lesson bodies that you can go and investigate. Click the links below their names to find a swim school near year.  Before committing to a class see if you can get a free trial. This is a great way to see if you and your baby are happy with the pool, the facilities and the teachers. Also if you have private health insurance, depending on your cover level, you can sometimes claim at least one term a year in expenses for lessons. Make sure you get a receipt for their swimming lesson fees and follow it up with your health insurance provider. Good luck with your lessons! Swim Australia  has registered Swim Schools that meet industry standards as determined by Swim Australia, after referencing with various relevant bodies. Use the link below to find one closest to you. http://www.swimaustralia.org.au/find-a-swim-school The AUSTSWIM Recognition Scheme has 3 levels of recognition: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Look for the Accredited AUSTSWIM Teachers™ Sticker, and current Silver or Gold AUSTSWIM Recognition Certificate when you visit an aquatic venue, to ensure that only AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers™ are provided.  Use the link below to search for one in your area. http://www.austswim.com.au/Swimcentres.aspx Laurie Lawrence Swim School Their program has been developed over 35 years. It incorporates baby’s social, emotional and physical growth and development into the swimming lessons. We follow gentle learn to swim methods that recocogise the baby’s physical capabilities and readiness to perform aquatic skills.