Swimming Lesson 8 - Toddler Swimwear Ambassador Hendrix

lauraf   >  25 July 2017

Important Swimming Lesson with our champion Hendrix

 Learning to go underwater for longer

Hendrix learning to go under for longer and to find/catch onto Mum and pull himself up. Parents are advised to have less contact so that it's more like real life if your toddler was to fall into pool alone.  Of course we don't recommend you do this at home or alone with your child unless you have had professional advice and lessons. To look for a swim school close to you check out below.

Rashoodz Swim Lesson Ambassador: Hendrix

Lesson this week: Full into the water turn around catch onto Mum and pull himself above water. Months swimming: 16 months Swim School: Superfish Swim School at Pacific Pines. http://www.superfish.com.au/


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