Swimming with Baby

rsh_admin   >  3 March 2015

Special memories and bonding can be created by spending time swimming together with Baby. Some parents express worry or concern when it comes to taking a new baby into water. As long as you are holding on to bub it should be a nice relaxing experience. Babies love the water and swimming is a great way to relax them as well as have some fun.

Once you have got baby dressed in his swimmers, and swim nappy you can go together into the water. Some babies love to splash about, others love to listen to songs. Find out what makes your baby happy and it should be a great experience. Some babies do get nervous at first but the best way to calm them is to hold them tight on your chest. If baby is still upset it may be the water temperature is too hot or cold. Don't be discouraged if the first time isn't the best, continue to try over the next few weeks. Perhaps taking a favourite bath toy into the water with you as a distraction or to calm his fears.

Either way, there is no need to worry about taking you and your baby swimming together after all babies were swimming in their Mothers wombs for many many years.

Here are some photos of a little babies first swimming lessons. Such a wonderful moment.

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