SwimSAFER Week 2016

lauraf   >  21 November 2016

swimsafer-logo-300x216 Hey Rasheadz, It's SwimSAFER week from the 21st - 27th of November. This initiatives encourages 4 layers of protection to assist families to be safer in and around the water. The 4 layer Emergency Action Plan includes:
  • Adult Supervision
  • Provide Barriers
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Emergency Planning
We also encourage putting your baby in sun safe swimwear to protect them from the harsh sun and nasty sun burn. At Rashoodz Swimwear baby swimwear that protects your babies and toddlers is our goal. Stay safe this week and every week with the 4 layers of protection and Rashoodz Swimwear. Love Rashoodz