The Corporate Mummy

lauraf   >  9 February 2017

corporate mumma 16473818_10154299392493873_4578324602492637583_n Hey Rasheadz, This week we interviewed The Corporate Mummy about her experiences at the beach and the pool as a mummy. Check out below to see what toilet training and a confident toddler sounds like. (hehe). Thanks The Corporate Mummy we were in giggles at Rashoodz HQ. What is your favourite thing to do at the pool/ beach with your kids? I love taking Bella swimming - I get so much joy out of seeing her little face light up when she gets in the water. My favourite thing to do with her at the pool is to let her jump in from the side of the pool. The giggles we get are endless! What is one tip about swimming with kids that you have learnt the hard way? Always wear a swimming nappy. Even when they tell you they don't need one….. Use one!!! Just last week, Bella told us she didn't need a nappy on when we were getting changed for the pool. We are currently toilet training (attempting to!) so we took her word for it. Of course, not long afterwards, in front of the entire pool, Bella announced "I doing wees" as she stood on the side of the pool. Sure enough, she was, and whilst it was funny because she is still so little, I was a little red faced! What’s the best thing about swimming with your kids? This one is an easy one - watching Bella's face light up. She absolutely loves swimming at the moment and always asks to go swimming  at least once a day. She doesn't care if the pool is cold, she just wants to get in. I also like watching her become more confident in the water. Only recently did she start jumping in the pool from the side and I am so proud of her when she does it. What’s the worst thing about swimming with your kids? I become a total worrier when swimming with Bella. My hubby jokes with me about it, but I know I do it. I get so worried that she might drown. How could you not? I try my hardest to let her be independent but I totally panic when she goes under. I know we have to teach her to go under and come back up but it is going to be baby steps for me…. Bella on the other hand is so confident in the water for a less than 2 year old. She has no fear. Name two products you couldn’t live without on a pool/beach trip with kids (doesn’t have to be ours)? Sunscreen & Mosquito Spray. Nothing spoils a good pool day like getting home and finding that you're a lobster…. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sleeping burnt, or as unattractive as being red raw or peeling. The sun is so deceiving at times. You don't think you're burning and before you know it OUCH it is too late. Mosquito spray is also a must have for us. For some reason the mozzies love me so I always lather myself in it before going outside. Have you got a funny or scary story to tell us about an experience you have had with your children and swimming? Our recent no nappy experience above would have to be the funniest experience we've had with Bella in the pool. Check out @thecorporatemummy on Instagram to see her day to day life of being a Mummy and how she stays fit and healthy! Love Rashoodz