The Mummy Code

lauraf   >  24 February 2017

Photo 21-2-17, 3 08 18 pm Hey Rasheadz, This weeks mummy interview we have unlocked the Mummy Code by chatting to Rachelle. Check her out on Instagram @themummycode, Facebook The Mummy Code, and her  Website What is your favourite thing to do at the pool/ beach with your kids? At the beach we love exploring under rocks and trying to find little crabs or schools of tiny fish. At the pool is just about splashing and having fun. What is one tip about swimming with kids that you have learnt the hard way? They don't all naturally love water. I was always such a water baby, my kids enjoy water but it's taken time to get used to it. Oh and always bring spare nappies if you have little ones. What’s the best thing about swimming with your kids? Seeing them enjoying themselves and the pride in their eyes when they learn something new. What’s the worst thing about swimming with your kids? Trying to wrangle them when it's time to leave. Also, the amount of 'stuff' you need to take for a simple beach trip. Name two products you couldn’t live without on a pool/beach trip with kids (doesn’t have to be ours)? Sunscreen and bathers (for me) that don't untie or move easily. Nothing worse than having tiny hands pulling at you and having to worry everything is still in place. Thanks Rachelle for that awesome interview - we agree... leaving time is no fun for anyone! Love Rashoodz