The new Sun Safe Cancer Council Song. Sing it to your baby!

rsh_admin   >  17 January 2013

We remember SID the seagull from the eighties. He was a 2D cartoon with the song "SLIP SLOP SLAP". But times have changed. Meet SID the Seagull in his new 3D looking form with a few extra "S"' words to add to that well known song. It's a tongue twister, but if you get your baby and toddlers to sing along to it, it might one day get them in the habit of sun protection and save them from skin cancer. So Slip on a sun protective UPF50+ swimsuit. Slop on some sunscreen. Slap on our Rashoodz attachable swim hat. Seek the shade under an umbrella or tree and slide on our ultra cool Rashoodz kids sunglasses.