Tips and Tricks for Holiday's with Kids: Packing

rsh_admin   >  31 October 2011

Packing can be a nightmare if you don't plan and write lists. I'm a list a holic! I have lists for my lists! Seriously though, a list is all you really need to keep packing for holidays under control. Simply tick off each item as you go. Then there will be no last minute "did I pack the change mat?" panics. There are heaps of great websites out there that have already done the thinking and created the lists for you to make printable checklists!

Check out these ones:

* A general printable packing list

*A printable packing list for baby

But if you really want to be specific on your list you MUST visit this website called "Don't Forget your Toothbrush" It generates a list for you based on how many people, destination and weather. It also can send you email reminders to do things such as cancel the paper delivery, book someone to feed the cat. It really is the best website EVER for those who need a little help or a personal assistant when getting ready to go on holidays!

And lastly dont forget to pack your sun safety gear!

* A Rashoodz Swimsuit with UPF50+ protection and built in hat! from

* Sunscreen

* Sunshade Shelter Tent: The cancer council has some great one

* Sunglasses : Check out the cancer council website too

(thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the free luggage image)