Tips and Tricks for Holidays With Kids : Part One - Choosing a Destination

rsh_admin   >  24 October 2011

Christmas is not too far away now and it's time to get planning for holidays. There are some parents out there, myself included, that are petrified of taking very young children anywhere for holidays. However, after a brave trip overseas, and a few more holidays interstate I now have some clever tricks and tips that keep our holidays blissful (as much as it can be with three children under the age of four).

The "Holidays with Kids" blog will come in four parts.

1. Choosing a Destination 2. Packing 3. Traveling 4. Holiday games and fun.

1. Choosing a Destination

There are so many "children friendly" holiday destinations out there it can be hard to choose. However there is a great company called Holiday with Kids that does all the research for you and has the top 10 Family Resorts as well as the top 10 Holiday Parks, for Australia, and other overseas destinations. You can choose the above 4 star or below 4 star option.

There are also travel guide companies that specialize in booking for holidays for families with kids. The one I like the best is byokids.

There are also some great books with literally hundreds of holiday destination ideas for kids. My favourite is the 1000 Great Places to Travel with kids in Australia. Click on the images below if you wish to read more about them.

Part Two: Packing (coming soon)