Tips on how to care for your baby during a heatwave.

rsh_admin   >  29 November 2012

Babies and Toddlers are very sensitive to high temperatures. It is important to keep in mind that they rely on us to control what they are wearing, when they are drinking and the temperature in their home, pram, car seat or cot. During the heat waves Australia gets over the summer keep the following in mind for your baby or toddler. Stay safe!

Some Signs of Heat Stress

The WA government listed the below as signs of heat stress

* They may just look unwell or be more irritable than usual.

* Babies may seem floppy,

* They may have drier skin,

* refusal to drink,

* fewer wet nappies.

* The soft spot on top of a baby’s head (fontanelle) may also be lower than usual.

Tips on keeping baby cool in a heat wave

* Breast fed babies may need extra breast feeds

* Bottle fed babies may need extra bottle feeds

* Give toddlers extra drinks throughout the day (water is best)

* Dress babies in light cool material (singlets and a nappy)

* try and place them in the coolest spot in the house.

* Avoid traveling in the car as cars can heat up easily

* have a daytime bath (but always supervise)

* Stay out of the sun

* Place a wet washer on their body but don't let them get too cold.

Once its not too hot, then they can all have fun in our baby swimsuit and hat sets. Have a great summer and stay safe. Love from the Rashoodz Swimwear Team.

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