Toddler & baby at the beach – top 5 tips to make it work the Frog Orange way

lauraf   >  1 November 2017

Frog Orange Founder, Tips to make it work at the beach with a baby or toddler

This is me. I have a true passion and connection with the water and love getting to the beach as often as I can.  I had three girls in three and half years and the only way I can take them all to the beach or pool safely by myself is to put my baby in a Frog Orange The idea was originally from my husband Adam. He didn’t trust himself with our first born in the water and wondered why there wasn’t a structured baby carrier for water with simple buckles. The ones available were mesh slings and they had to be wrapped and tied a certain way. My mother was a dressmaker and taught me pattern making skills, I also have a degree in sports science and very familiar with sports equipment, so I put these skills together to start working on the design. Neoprene was my first choice for fabric. It’s soft, stretchy, super strong and looks fantastic. I had a clear vision on how I could design a carrier that would appeal to not only Mums but to Dads as well. This vision included the key functional features my husband wanted like the quick release safety buckles. I love the sporty racer back design.

So, here are my top 5 tips for making a toddler & baby at the beach work:

  1. Apply sunscreen before you leave. If you wait till you get to the beach your toddler will take off before you can apply it properly. Australian guidelines recommend that you also reapply sunscreen every 2 hours even if water resistant. Hats off to you if you make it past the 2 hour mark!
  2. Swim nappies are not designed to hold much until they are in the water. So if you’re heading to the beach in the car or pusher, put it on at the last minute OR carry your baby there in a Frog Orange (it’s a fully functional infant carrier safety tested to European standards as there are no standards in Australia) – if they have an accident en-route, simply take it for a swim or put it in the washing machine when you get home! No sweat.
  3. Take hats with a drawstring tie or that clip on the back like Rashoodz hats so that they don’t blow off constantly and are not easily removed by little hands.
  4. Consider a neoprene float vest or pool noodle for your toddler.
  5. Of course, put your baby in a Frog Orange to ensure your hands are free when in the water. This takes the stress out of a beach fun so you can have your baby safely facing you, your hands free to help your toddler and your aid your own mobility in the uncertain ocean.
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