Toddler Christmas Craft - Egg Carton Jingle Bells

rsh_admin   >  14 December 2012

Does your baby or toddler love the song Jingle Bells? It is usually one of the first songs they learn. If you follow these instructions you and your little loved ones will be able to make some jingle bells to shake while you sing the song or to decorate the tree.


- Egg Carton

- Pipe Cleaners

- Bells (i got ours from spotlight)

- Paint and paint brushes

- Glitter

First you have to cut the egg carton into individual sections.

Once you have done this your toddler can paint it anyway they like. Try and paint inside and outside the egg cup.

After they have dried use a skewer to poke a hole through the tops of the egg cups.

String the bells through the holes and tie it or twist it into a pipe cleaner making a loop. The loop can then be used to hang them on the tree or put them around their wrists.

Please be careful with the bells as they can be a choking hazard.

Once they are ready you can sing "jingle bells".

I love christmas craft activities. I hope you and your little ones enjoy this activity.

Enjoy Christmas and as always don't forget to stay safe in the sun. Make sure you check out our great sunsafe swimsuits for babies and toddlers

Merry Christmas.