Toddler Swimwear Ambassador: Swimming Lesson 7

lauraf   >  3 July 2017

Important lessons

In this lesson little swimwear ambassador Hendrix, is practising what many call a life saving skill. It is the skill of the toddler being able to fall into a body of water, turn around and cling onto the side. To teach this skill, his parents have been attending swimming lessons where they have been routinely practising this time and time again, to the point where he now does it automatically. It is important to note, when they first started teaching him this skill, they were in the water with him. He is so good now, they can do it from standing on the edge. Well done Hendrix!

Life Saving skill

Even though this seems a simple movement, children panic when they fall into water unexpectedly. Therefore, it is hoped that this skill is automatic and will override the panic at the moment it is needed. Of course there are many other life saving skills that a toddler can learn at swimming lessons, this being just one. If you want to follow Hendrix on his swim ambassador journey to learning to swim, click the link below to watch another one of his lessons.

Rashoodz Swim Lesson Ambassador: Hendrix

Lesson this week: Fall in turn around and hold the wall. Months swimming: 16 months Swim School: Superfish Swim School at Pacific Pines.


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