Top 5 Apps for Parents of Kids who love to swim!

rsh_admin   >  6 October 2011

SunSmart App

This awesome SunSmart App helps you be super smart in the sun. It has a weather forecast, UV level and sun protection times for your local area.

It also has a Vitamin D tracker, so you can check that you are getting enough.

When the UV level is high enough to require sun protection, the app can be programmed to give you a reminder.

UV Safe Timer

After you have covered the kids in sunscreen, use this handy app to count down the time till you need to re apply! It will calculate the time based on skin type, location and weather.

Surf Life Saving Beach Safe App

This app has 12,000 beaches in its database. The app will find your closest beach for you, tell you the weather, tide times, swell, water temp, the patrol times, and any cautionary information. It also gives details about the swimming, surfing and fishing at your beach of choice.


uSwim is a ‘learn to swim’ program. Watch the professionals on the video and then follow the lesson plans to help your kids become better swimmers. It has lessons for babies starting as early as 4 months and covers safety fundamentals and stroke development for kids over 3 years.

This app is created by the Australia’s premier Swim School - Aquatic Achievers. Rashoodz thinks this app is good if used in conjunction with lessons from a qualified swimming instructor.

CPR Rescue

This one is free and good to have on your phone "just incase". There are two modes: "Training" and "Emergency". Training mode can be read at your leisure for a refresher. Emergency mode, it scrolls through each step automatically with a handy voice over. It also beeps to help keep you in time with the compressions.