Top five beach toys you have to see!

lauraf   >  5 July 2017

Ice Cream Beach Set

We love love love this beach toy! A twist on an old favourite of building sand castles. This time you build sand ice creams! It is super cute and would be fun for you and your children to play with at the beach. Making sand ice creams to order to friends and family. You can check out to purchase this. beach toy

Metal Digger

We love this fun contraption, what a way to develop hand and eye co-ordination. Obviously it wouldnt be a toy that would fit in your beach bag, but it would be worth taking on a long beach holiday. Heavy duty sand castle building at the beach is every little child's dream.

Wahoo Surfer Dudes

These little dudes like to surf. They are super fun to watch ride the waves. Just throw them in, they correct their balance and surf to the beach. The possibilities to play with these are endless. You can race your family members, you can have a competition or swim in on the waves with them. They would also be super cute in a sandcastle moat.

                            Metal Detector

Metal detectors can be so much fun! They are not too expensive anymore as technology keeps advancing. This adds another element of fun when you go on your next family beach combing walk. Imaging the treasures you might find, or not. But either way the kids will enjoy the excitement. On a plus side if you end up loosing the car keys at the end of the day, it can also help you!

                               Tonka Sandbox Force Truck

What can we say? This is a truck with space for sand and it comes with a spade! There are so many ways to have fun with this on the beach.  Build a sandcastle with a little bit of help from the Tonka truck. Collect shells as you move down the beach. The possibilities are endless with these toys and they are a little bit outside from the normal toys we take to the beach. But don't forget the best toy of all is the waves and the sand and you! Your kids will love to play with you! For these toys and many more check out Mr Toys Toy World! Also don't forget to keep sun safe while you play on the beach. Put your kids in one of our sun safe hats. /assets/imported/product-category/swimming-hats/