Top Tips for Parents going to Swimming Lessons with Baby

rsh_admin   >  28 May 2012

Get the time right

Before you even worry about getting in the pool you need to consider the time you book your baby’s swimming lesson. As you may already know, your baby has good times during the day and grizzly times. I have found the best time to do swimming lessons is just after their morning nap or lunchtime nap. A 30 min swimming lesson is mentally and physically exhausting for little babies so if you schedule it just before they usually have their nap you might find they will be more inclined to cry and fuss during the lesson.

What to bring

You will need to pack things for you and your baby. Towels, Nappy Change items, Swim Nappy (see below), Togs, Change of clothes for you and your baby. It’s also a good idea to take a drink and a small snack for your baby if they are eating, to have after the swimming lesson. I find it easy to keep it all in a swimming bag. It’s also a great idea to get a wet bag, which is a bag that is lined with waterproof material that you can pop all the wet stuff in, so it doesn’t wet the rest of your bag. Click here for a tutorial on how to make your own wet bag.

You will have to get in too

As you too will have to get into the swimming pool with your baby. You will need some simple togs or swimmers, a towel. I find it easiest to wear my togs to the pool with something over it, tracksuit or kaftan, something that is easy to slip off and back on. As you will be focused on getting your little one dry and dressed once you are out of the pool. It helps to have something you can throw over your togs for a bit of cover until your baby is dry and dressed.

Swim nappy

There are two types of swim nappy, disposable and washable. You can buy the disposable swim nappies in the nappy isle of your grocery store. The washable ones can usually be bought at the swimming pool store. But make sure you have one before lessons, in case they have sold out on the day you go. The best thing about the washable ones is that you can pass them down to your next child. The best thing about disposable ones is instead of washing them you can throw them in the bin. I usually use the washable one and have a spare disposable one in the swim bag in case of accidents.

Best swimwear and tips for swimming lessons

You will need swimmers that are easy to take on and off your baby. Make sure the zip is long enough to allow quick take off and on. Best is an all in one suit as shirts and separates tend to slip up during lessons, especially when you are holding them for the whole time. Try to look for suits that have clips in the crotch like Rashoodz Swimwear as it helps you easily slip the swim nappy on and off. You can dress your baby at home in their swimmers but with a normal nappy and then once you are ready for the lessons, you can just pop open the clips and swap the nappy to a swim nappy. Another great tip is to whip off the swim suit while still in the pool after the lesson is over. It is much easier to take a swimsuit off a baby while still warm in the water.

Most importantly don’t forget to Have Fun!