What do babies need to wear to swimming lessons?

rsh_admin   >  3 September 2014

One of the questions we constantly get asked at the Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo is "what does my baby need to wear to swimming lessons?" Most swim schools and public swimming pools have similar guidelines for babies or toddlers doing swimming lessons. So here is a basic guide for you to go by, but always double check with your local swim school.

1. A swim nappy is the most important thing your baby will require for swimming lessons. You can either choose a disposable one which you can buy from your local supermarket, or a reusable one. Reusable swim nappies can save you money in the long run as you can wash and reuse them. The swim nappies will contain poos and some also contain wees. Make sure you put the swim nappy on at the last minute before entering the pool as it only works properly while in the water.

2. Swimsuit. Some swimming pool centers have a requirement that you also place your baby, toddler or child in a swimsuit. This can be placed over the swim nappy. Having your baby in a swimsuit will also allow you to easily hold your baby in the water. Baby skin can get slippery to hold sometimes. We also recommend a one piece swimsuit as shirts tend to ride up while they are swimming in the water and shirts can also cause your grip to slip as it rides up. Make sure to check that the baby swimsuit is chlorine resistant. Some swimwear can easily fade and disintegrate over time if you are using it often in chlorinated pools.

3. Swimming Caps are usually not mandatory for babies but they are usually mandatory for toddlers and bigger kids. It can be a good idea to get your baby used to them earlier rather than later. Some children dislike wearing swimming caps rubber ones can pull on their hair and skin. Try to choose a swim cap made out of swimsuit material to eliminate the hair pulling dramas of rubber swim caps.

4. Towel. Make sure you take a towel and a change of clothes for your baby as well. Usually swimming pools have a baby change area so you can get them nice and dry and dressed without hassle.

5. Swimwear for yourself. You will have to get in the pool too. Make sure you don;t forget your swimsuit.

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Good luck at swimming lessons. Now you know what you need all you need to do is enjoy the time you get to spend with your little ones in the pool.