What we REALLY want for Mother's Day.

rsh_admin   >  5 May 2014

Mother's Day is this weekend. When I had two seconds to relax today, I read the Mother's Day shopping catalogues. After a brief flick through I to occurred to me that when it comes to Mothers day gifts the shops have got it all wrong!

So just in case anyone out there is wondering what we really want for Mother's Day, I've written a few substitute things for the standard Mother's Day gifts we usually get.

Slippers, pjs and sleep masks are all over Mother's Day catalogues. These are nice but it just remind us of the relaxing and sleeping we would like to do. How about you offer us a sleep in day, a get out of the weeks washing voucher, or snuggle up and watch a movie that mum chooses (not disney's frozen!).

Candles, bath oils, perfume and soap are all old favourites for Mother's Day stalls. Why do mums always get given smelly hygiene products? Do we smell? We might not smell but it is true, we don't get much time to spend on grooming. When it comes to using the loo or shower it is almost never a private or relaxing moment. How many times have we got ready for a shower and have just stepped into the water when our baby starts screaming? Instead of a smelly stereotypical Mother's Day gift, offer us a guaranteed private toilet pass. An even better gift, offer us a guaranteed extended shower time. We'd love that! We could then could probably get a chance to use all the smelly soaps you bought us the last few years that have been piling up in the cupboard.

Please don't shower us with chocolates, biscuits and cakes. We just all spent the last few years working off the pregnancy weight and now you want us to put it back on? No thanks. How about take us out on a family bush walk, bike ride or swim at the beach. Most food gifts end up being eaten by the whole family anyway!

Shops can't sell what Mums really want. I'm not saying we don't enjoy getting gifts that you can buy at the shop. But all we really want is a nod of appreciation and a chance to relax by ourselves and with our family. So before you buy your Mum a gift for this weekend, see if you can offer something a little more, something that won't cost you money. It will probably be the present we will love the most.

Happy Mother's Day.

Here are some other ideas from our Rashoodz swimwear Facebook page. These are real mums and what they REALLY want for Mother's Day is ....

a sleep in and day off house duties... and time with my family!

not to have to make one decision. my dream day!

Not having to pack or unload the dishwasher would be nice. Seems like I am doing it everyday and I'm over it.

To not have to work all day :( and to actually be able to spend time with my family...

However, at least I shouldn't end up doing 11 loads of laundry like last Mother's Day!


What really want is for my partner to think out side the square and just get my daughter to make me a card and to take our baby for the night so I can have a sleep in mmmmm I think I need to keep wishing lol

Thanks for sharing and reading. We hope all your wishes come true!