When can I take my baby swimming?

rsh_admin   >  18 August 2014

The question we are asked the most at our Baby Expo’s is “when can my baby start swimming?”

The thing is, your baby has been swimming for the past nine months, in your tummy! I’m no expert but babies seem to love swimming in the early month’s. I think maybe this is because it reminds them of being in the womb.

Baby bath time can SOMETIMES be the most relaxing part of the day for them. As they relax in the warm bath reminiscing of the safe place of your tummy. You can begin to build on this enjoyment of bath time into gentle swimming. You don’t have to do “swimming lessons” you just firstly need to help them continue to enjoy the water and get comfortable with the feeling.

Once your baby is around 3 months old most swim schools will begin to accept babies into classes. There are two types of swimming lessons that I have noticed over the years. There are swimming lessons for babies that teach them lifesaving skills to stop them from drowning and there are swimming lessons that begin to teach the basics of swimming leading into breast stroke etc.

When bub is small it is a good idea to find a swimming lesson class that teaches the basic way to enter a pool or “safety slide” and getting them used to falling into the water and turning around and hanging onto the wall. These types of lessons get babies eventually to do these lifesaving moves on auto pilot. If a dangerous water/pool moment is to occur your baby at least has some skills to help him or her stay above the water for a few moments longer, which could be those few moments that save their lives.

Whatever you decide to do and whenever you decide to start, I think parents know best. They seem to know when their baby is ready to start “lessons”. I always encourage parents to start swimming as soon as they can with their babies. Living in Australia means lots of moments where swimming can happen and it is lots of fun too.

So don’t be afraid of the water, get in there and splash about with your baby. I am sure they will thank you for it when they are older.

Please note I am just speaking from my experience as a mother and not a professional (well I am a professional Mum J ). So please make sure you check with your local swim school and doctor if there are any concerns.