Why do they use a rubber mat in swimming lessons?

lauraf   >  8 January 2018


Some swimming lessons include a rubber mat. In this video you see the little ones walking or running along the mat and then diving in to the water and swimming to their parents.  Have you always wondered why? Below are some reasons:
  • Core strength activities – Young children benefit from lying on their front, back or sit up on the mat. This is working their core which helps with their stability in the water.  Even moving babies from lying down on their backs to sitting can help with their core strength.  Toddlers and more developed children can work on their standing balance.  An additional challenge to their core can be done by giving the mat a little wiggle as they stand, crawl or walk. (this is always done with adult supervision)
  • Run Run Run –  Children or babies can crawl or walk or run across the mat and then fall in at the end. They then return to the top of the water and grab their parent, or the wall. This helps get children used to water covering their faces and jumping in to the water and swimming to safe side of the wall or the safety of a parent.
  • A bit of fun - many parents can tell you how stressful swimming lessons can sometimes be. These fun mat activities can sometimes be a way of breaking up nerves and creating a fun escape time for the children.


For more information about swimming safety or swimming lessons go to Kids Alive do the Five

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