So, you're a new dad.... and it's bl**dy hard!

lauraf   >  13 April 2017

430642-father-s-day-guide-new-dads 4927933573_2c9d6791b0 new-father-and-infant Hey Rasheadz, It's okay not to be okay! And this one is for the Dads! A recent Noosa Today article has brought to light a new SMS (texting) program for new time dads called SMS4dads. The SMS program is designed to help men connect with other men, who are first time dads and perhaps finding it overwhelming. Having a newborn is a drastic change on any person and as we have heard in recent studies, men are least likely to talk to someone about how they are feeling with the stresses of life and parenting. Having the opportunity to speak to other men who are experiencing the same feelings and emotions, can be an amazing support. SMS4dads is funded by beyondblue with donations from the Movember Foundation. Check out the article below: If you're feeling overwhelmed, here are some more links. text Stay Safe Rasheadz, Love Rashoodz