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Are you looking for swimwear for your baby or toddler? Whether you’re starting swimming lessons with your little one or simply need some new quality swimmers for your child as the weather heats up, Rashoodz have an extensive range of quality swimsuits, rash shirts, swim nappies and baby swimming packs that ensure you have everything you need to hit the pool or beach.

When searching for the right swimwear for your baby or toddler, you want to ensure that not only does the swimwear look great and is designed well, but it should also carry an SPF rating of 50+. For those who go to the pool or have a pool at home, having chlorine resistant swimwear is also vital.

All of the essentials in one pack

At Rashoodz we make it easy by combining everything you need into one Baby Swimming Pack, which includes a chlorine resistant swimsuit, an adorable little swimming cap, a swim nappy, and a pair of UV 400, category 3 sunglasses. The swimsuits come with an attachable legionnaire’s hat that clips to the collar of the swimsuit to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t get lost. And each swimsuit comes with the rashoodz patented design clips around the bottom of the suit to make nappy changes a breeze.

Rashoodz swimwear not only has all of the features you’d expect from premium swimwear, but they are also beautifully designed pieces that your child will love.

Founded by mums

When two mums decided to work out the most important elements needed for sun safe, comfortable swimwear for babies and toddlers, Rashoodz was born. Launched in 2008 by mum of three, Laura Furiosi, the Rashoodz brand soon became well known not only in Australia but also in the UK, UAE, USA and Japan. And due to the innovative design of Rashoodz swimwear, it’s been featured in a number of publications including Practical Parenting, Mother and Baby and Shop 4 Kids magazine, just to name a few.

As the word about Rashoodz is spreading, it is fast becoming Australia’s favourite swimwear brand for babies and toddlers. Whether you’re looking for a swimming pack that has everything you need to start swimming lessons with your little one, or you are simply looking for quality swim nappies, rash shirts and swimwear for hitting the beach this summer, Rashoodz is your one stop online shop.

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