Boys Swimwear

Do you need premium swimwear for your little man that allows for fuss-free, fun days at the beach or pool? Rashoodz have designed a range of swimwear for babies and toddlers that not only look great, but has all of the important features every mum wishes their child’s swimwear came with. Rashoodz’s reusable swim nappies, suits, shirts and hats are proudly designed in Australia, with the hot Australian climate in mind. Each product is made using only the finest fabrics, and is tested and approved with an SPF 50+ sun safety rating. So you can be sure that while you’re having fun in the sun with your child, no harm is coming to their delicate, sensitive skin. And we all know that babies and toddlers hate wearing hats. It’s just one of those things. You put it on, they pull it off. Rashoodz have come up with a solution to this with their clever patent Rashoodz design. Their legionnaires hat flap actually attaches to the collar of the rash suit or shirt with a number of clips. This ensures the hat stays in place. If your little one does manage to pull it off, it won’t get lost over the side of the pram as it’s attached to their swimsuit.

Unique, practical and innovative in design

Rashoodz swimwear was launched in 2008 by mother of three, Laura Furiosi. Since then Rashoodz has been sold in the UK, UAE, USA, Japan, and all over Australia. It has been featured in Practical Parenting, Mother and Baby and Shop 4 Kids magazines, plus many more. And as more parents are finding out about Rashoodz, it’s fast becoming Australia’s favourite swimwear brand for babies and toddlers.

Why choose Rashoodz swimwear

Rashoodz swimwear not only has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium brand, but they are also beautifully designed so there’s no compromise for the fashion conscious. For example, if you’ve ever tried to peel off a swimsuit from a baby or toddler to change their nappy, you’ll understand the frustration and agitation both of you feel having to take everything off only to put it all back on again. Rashoodz swimsuits have nappy change clips so it’s so easy to change their nappy when you’re at the beach or pool, making change time fast and stress free for both of you! Searching for a sun safe, chlorine resistant swimsuit for your little one that ticks all the boxes? Browse the range of swimsuits, swim shirts and swim nappies today and see why parents are raving about Rashoodz.

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