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We are really happy with our Rashoodz bathers!

I had been struggling to find an all in one zip up rashie in any of our local stores. In general I was finding it hard to find kids bathers that are chlorine resistant for the children's swimming lessons. I had tried looking online several times without success but luckily, by chance, the last time I looked your website came up. I was delighted to see that you had a great range at really good prices and that you were an Australian business.

Thank you for providing a great product and service. I will definitely order from you again and recommend your products to my family and friends.

Kind regards,


Claire Zabel


Amazing quality.
Sun protection.
Hat that matches & attaches.
On or off are super easy to do.
Designs are super cute too.
Zero worries in a rashoodz suit.

Lacey Reynolds 

Great quality, easy to put on and take off (especially good for nappy access), hat stays attached, and, of course, stylish!

Elizabeth Mattacott 

Such great protection & it takes the stress out of running after fly away hats!!!

Angela Merlino 

Rashoodz protect my little man from the sun and with all the gorgeous prints, make him look utterly adorable.

Samara McRae 

I love the prints and love that they give great protection to little kids skin.

Kim Boyce 

The sun protection is second to none and I love that it has a hat clip! No more chasing things down.

Caz O'Loughlin 

We are on our 3rd Rashoodz swim suit and we love love them!! Great protection for the kids and handy for mum not to loose the hat!

Svetlana Gibbs 

I love Rashoodz cool, quality sun protective design not only for the body but the head as well.

Kasey Evans 

I love the hat clip. It's so hard to keep a hat on a little one while they are swimming.

Veronica Schultz 

Rashoodz's Aussie-ness is cool, especially when it comes to sun safety.

Jasmine Li 

I love Rashoodz because it means I can get my girl ready at home, then quickly swap out the nappy at the pool with the crotch snaps. I also love that the hat is attached. So there's no chance of it "falling" off.

Tahnee Schick

Fantastic sun-safe quality swimwear that is uniquely designed for all!

Ying Ying Tan 

Great quality fabric that's last even the heat chlorinated pools. And cute designs we love planes and cars.

Charro Cooke 

The sun protection they offer and the cordinated hats! Love the pattern.

Shannon Geelan 

The protection from the sun whilst still being able to have loads of fun!

Louise Patterson

Love the sun protection and hat clip. And the comfort knowing no little accidents will escape.

Brittany Royal 

I love Rashoodz firstly for the sun protection it gives to my little ones skin which is so important. Secondly the designs are super cute, comfortable and quality made!

Natalie Cooper 

Sun safe and look awesome too.

Nicole Marie Williams 

The prints, attached hats and they are sun safe.

Monica Rad 

Love the fact they are funky , colourful and fun ! Makes it easy to spot my kids out amongst the rest at the beach as well ! They are perfect for our Aussie summer heat as well.

Carly Crone 

Easy to get on and off, colour doesn't fade at all after 1.5 years of use, sizing lasts a long time and best of all - great sun protection! Love ours!

Julia Ryan

I can't wait to use Rashoodz this summer! I love that they are colourful, functional and sun safe! The perfect beach attire for my little boy 😊

Sara McMahon

It's the peace of mind you get with Rashoodz swimwear. Every Parent knows the fear of their little ones getting burnt, not with Rashoodz Swimwear!

Pamela Singleton

Ah so many reason, the designs are awesome, the clip on hat is genius, and it's great so support a small business (not so small anymore!) run by an awesome lady :)

Anthony Phillips 

My daughter looks stylish whilst being protected from the sun!

Kat Ty 

Sun safe, comfortable, attached hat, easy to change nappies! What's not to love!

Sarah Louise Hay-Hendry 

Love all the features of the Rashoodz Swimwear. Recently went to Fraser Island and didn't have to worry about being in the sun everyday, knowing he was in such protective swimwear.

Tamaryn Schroeder

Love Rashoodz! Especially as its whole set and hat connected so my older one doesn't lose it. Beautiful prints and great quality! Need one for little bubba now.

Matthew Nicole Savill

Sun protection and long sleeve options, easy nappy changes, never loose a hat at the beach, great prints, the also last all season and we generally grow out of them around the time they wear out (considering they are used weekly for lessons plus play and occasionally 2 lessons a week thats actually good life for swimmers!) - if Im going to buy togs I prefer Rashhoodz.

Emmajane Phillpotts 

Great SunSmart design!

Amanda Rugari 

Rashoodz swimwear is amazing! It is practical with its attachable hat and press studs for nappy changes, it's super comfy and really sunsmart. It also looks adorable. It's so perfect for the beach or pool and our last set hasn't even faded after a summer of use! I recommend it to everyone!

Jenna Newbigin

Rashoodz has many cute designs and love the protection.

Jessie Tsoi 

I love Rashoodz because their swim nappies save the pool from my twins poo explosions.

Melissa Marek

Oh I love your print... Our daughter participated in the 100 babies at Southbank and we absolutely love the sun protection she gets from her swimsuit...her brother was unfortunately too big to join in but I am looking forward to getting him one. I also love the fact that you go up to a size 3 in the one piece swimsuits with the easy access to the nappy. Our boy is still toilet training and still need him to be nappy protected when swimming so its great to see you still cater for the older kids :)

Ellenee Potent

I love Rashoodz for the fact that my son now keeps his hat on, both in the water and out! Makes my job as mum that little bit easier - and every little bit of help counts!

Sarah Elizabeth 

I love how I can get my little man dressed at home for swimming in his Rashoodz suit and then quickly and easily switch his normal nappy for his cute matching Rashoodz swim nappy. The attachable hat is also the best design idea ever as we are always losing normal hats! Rashoodz is the only brand I trust to protect my little redhead from the sun!

Paris Benoit 

I love that these suits not only keep my little one sun safe and looking fab while splashing around in the pool but they are also functional making nappy changes a breeze.

Sophie Miller 

Functional and very stylish, great protection from the sun too.

Annette Kilpatrick 

Rashoodz.....swim smart and sun smart; all whilst looking smart! Easy of access is great for mums and dads. Our little man rocks his Rashoodz.


Kerrie Smith 

The amount of protection from the sun that they give the wearer is great.

Diane Heriot 

Rashoodz are cute as a button, sunsafe and kid-friendly! Most kids' togs require you to strip your child down to change their nappy, but not Rashoodz. Makes a day at the beach so much easier!

Joanna Hayward 

We love Rashoodz because they have so many cute designs that are so easy to put on and take off! Especially on a one year old that won't stay still! Love that they are UP50+ with a matching hat to protect my bub from the harsh QLD sun.

Katie Wissmer 

Rashoodz cover bub's needs and mum's needs: detachable hat, SPF 50 protection, cute designs, and easy access for nappy changes!

Rachel Bee 

Its funky its cool, it keeps my body sunsafe in the pool =)

Sammy Minshull 

I love that the kids can have fun but stay safe with the harsh sun and even with sunscreen rashoodz are the best coverage.

Bianca Bonakey 

I love Rashoodz Swimwear for Boyz and Girlz for ease of use, practicality and functionality. Love that you can get everything matching also! Helps to keep sizes together with new prints.

Jade Carey-Bell

What's not to love! Chlorine resistant, super stylish, sun safe, great quality and best of all nappy change clips! Best swimwear available! 

Jodi Wells 

I love Rashoodz because I know my kids are protected from the sun. Also, I love the detachable hood!

Sam Allen-Stephens 

Not only do we love the fantastic funky prints, comfortable fit and quality fabric, we love the fact that our little guy never looses his hat (no matter how hard he tries).

Melissa Wilkes 

I love that it covers everything and coordinates so well. Modest and stylish.

Lisa Gant 

They're so comfortable and last a lifetime.

Tracy Lowings 

Stylish sun protection.

Jody Smith 

We love that they are so easy to put on and off and to do nappy changes. The swim nappy is by far the best one we have used. We love the sun protection they give and the cute designs are a bonus!

Sarah Myhill

I love the most how easy it is to get on and off and the sun safety factor with the uv rating of 50 plus and hat that stays on. There isn't anything like this in the market.

Larissa Erzetich 

Because it protects my bubs in the sun, we don't lose their hats or have them fall off and they look gorgeous and a size two would be a amazing as it would fit my girl and shortly after my massive boy!!


Kahlee O'Sullivan 

We love the detachable hat the most. My little one gets upset if her hat comes off haha. I also love the prints and how easy they are to take on and off .

Sarah-Jo Millar 

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the fast shipping and excellent products, I brought two sets 2 years ago! they have lasted two summers in chlorine most days and the ocean, have only brought two more sets as next year they wont fit my daughter,thanks for the amazing products!


Cassie - Via Email

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your speedy service! I only ordered and paid on Monday and received Today (Tuesday) in Moorooka. I couldn't believe it.

2 items are presents for twin boys who's 2nd bday party is this weekend. 2 items are for my son for Summer time, no doubt they will be worn lots of Christmas during our visits to cairns, Melbourne and Brunswick heads. We bought a zip up all in one dinosaur set size 2 last year when visiting family in Evans heads. My hubby discovered Rashoodz for the first time at a shop there.  It's still in amazing condition, just unfortunately too small. Now our 2.5yr old son Sev has grown lots so we bought 2 sets of the shirt/pants/hat sets both short sleeve and long sleeve size 4 for extra growing room so they last longer 🙂

Love your designs and will be telling my friends.

Anjelica - AQ Prettiness

Thank you so much for your great service I do really appreciate this. And just to let you know I will donate the suit to someone who needs it more. Look forward to receiving his outfit and will definitely be shopping with you again due to the amazing service!

Carla - Coomera

I can't believe how quickly the shipping was!! My son was delighted to have the same style of Togs again.



Kate H - ACT

We have enjoyed the set that my daughter currently wears. The clip on hat is great for the beach and we have received a number of compliments on the fabric (it is the one with ice creams on it.) She has also worn it to messy water/mud play at Childcare and it washes really well.

I am sure we will get lots of use out of the 4 suits we have bought in the last week.

Rebecca T - Surrey Hills

Since I bought the first Rashoodz  swim nappy for my son during expo your brand has become the only choice when I buy swimwear for him and I have introduced it to my mothers group, all of them have also bought your products and loved them.

It's great to see you customer service is as good as the quality of the product, I wish you more success in the future.

Jessica Wu - Victoria

The suits really are fab! I remember all the times my son's hat use to blow off at the beach when he was a baby & the pain of taking the whole suit off when he needed a nappy change! Was so pleased to be able to purchase from you at the Perth baby expo after seeing your products online!

Looking forward to a summer of fun with the family & will definitely keep recommending your products to my friends!!

Becky C - Perth

The rashoodz suit is practical, convenient and fun. I really like that you can easily remove the hat when necessary, and having nappy clips makes it so easy to change a nappy when needed. Rashoodz are a high quality product, and I really like the design as well.

Jennifer768, Guildford NSW

What a fantastic concept and execution of the product. My little girl just loved this complete outfit. She wanted to put it on straight away and never took the hat off at all, which is not like her. She is 2 and a half and it must have been very comfortable as she didn't want to take it off at all. The suit was excellent both in the water and out of. I like that you can remove the hat easily if needed and attach when required. A generous sizing also, which allows room for swim pants under it. Rashoodz wins me over all the way. I would highly recommend the versatility and design. As my daughter has a skin condition, this is just what is required for her to enjoy the sun for longer than usual. Thank you very much.

Doo Doo, Windsor NSW

This swimsuit ia amazing I gave it to my little granddaugther.The suit is so soft easy to put onto and take off the little one.the hat stayed on her I will recomend to all my friends. thank you for the chance to try it. Regards Maria

Maria, Erskine Park NSW

Great generous sizing, better to be a little bigger (& last longer) than so many other brands that are on the smaller side. Love the clip on hat for neck protection and so it doesn't get lost when he pulls it off. A quality garment that really does protect from the sun, that I highly recommend to all Mums with toddlers.

DIANA146, Wantirna South VIC

I was really happy with this product. It is obvious that it is of the highest quality. The material is thick and comfortable. The UPF50+ is a really reassuring feature. The zipper is big and easy for children to do up themselves. Nappy clips are great and the clips which attach the hat to is so, so, so cute but also very effective in keeping the hat on! I can't fault it.

Rosie75, Fountaindale NSW

Stylish, safe and effective, the RSummer Sailor Rashoodz baby swimsuits ensures my Toddler was UV protected as well as still looking great. It's the 1st time, he has not come out of the water burnt on the face due to the amazing attached hat. Loved the nappy clips. A must for all sun-loving families with young kids.

mchong, Templestowe VIC

The Rashoodz swimsuit is a great idea and works beautifully - that hat wasn't going anywhere! It is well made, with the fabric being good quality. I only wish that this was available in a swimsuit with full length legs and arms, as that is what I look for when purchasing a swimsuit for very young children.

Janine, Diamond Creek VIC

Lifestyle You
(the above reviews were from the "Lifestyle You" program you try it you rate it.)

I absolutely loved the suit you sent me, it is so well designed and made (also love that you are fellow Brissie people!) I am recommending you to all my friends with little ones.

Meredith via Email 23/1/13

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional prompt customer service that you provided and for the speedy delivery of the swimsuits.

N. Ang via email December 1st 2012

My suits arrived today! Thank you so much, they look fantastic and my boys are so excited to wear them to the beach in a few weeks 🙂

T. Clarke - Via Facebook March 8th 2012

I bought a Rashoodz suit for my daughter almost 2 years ago in a size 2 because my daughter was such a long baby. She is only just growing out of it now and it is still in perfect condition. No signs or fading, stitching is strong as ever, zip in functioning perfectly and the snaps are just like new. I love the protection it gives my daughter, the attachable hat is a genius design and it is so easy... to change her nappy without having to remove the suit. I highly recommend Rashoodz to anyone and everyone. The suit is worth every cent I paid for it and I can't wait to get my hands on another one. I've had so many compliments about its style, design and colour. I am definately one happy customer. Absolutely fabulous product!

C Holland Feb 2011 via our facebook fanpage

Just wanted to say how delighted I was with my Nautical Mischief (Suit and Hat Set).I was a bit hesitant ordering something I had not seen/touched before - but this has surpassed my (high) expectations. Glad I went for the bigger size.... Thank-you also for your speedy delivery!

J Pace October 2011

im shocked. i knew your product was good but... my daughter has grown dramatically since last christmas and is now in size 2s. i needed a swim suit yesterday for her and just thought to try on her 00 suit... and it fits! and doesnt look silly either. Thanks again for making a great product.

K Ireland via our facebook fan page December 8th 2011

Sophie is an absolute water baby. cant keep her out of it! Your suits are so soft and stretchy- my daughter is a size 1 and this one is a 0 and we also have a 00 that fits nice and snuggly! will definitely be buying more when she out grows these. these have been in the pool too and are still as bright and new looking as when i bought them at the 2010 Sydney Pregnancy Babies and Childrens Expo!

My order arrived today, thanks heaps, next summers swimmers all sorted from your great clearance sale 🙂

J Bonello

Pregnancy, Baby & Children's Expo Testimonials

It is a great suit – its gone through 3 of my children and 3 of my friend’s children and it looks brand new.

I have one and love it – especially love the hat that attaches and the nappy poppers at the bottom – brilliant product, love it.

Rashoodz is really good, have been buying it for 4 years. I come to the expos every year especially for Rashoodz.

I have been using Rashoodz since 2008 with my first born and I now have three children and I have used them with every single one of them. I can honestly say these are the only swimsuits I use and recommend to people. The quality is unmatched and I am so happy and I will continue coming back for more.

They’re fantastic because the hats don’t fall off and they’re really comfy for the kids and they stretch to fit. Love the nappy change bit as well, so you can easily get the nappy on and off.

Our daughter loves the Rashoodz. We went camping and my daughter lived in them for the whole trip.

The sunglasses stand up to the toddler test. My son can be really rough with them and they are still good 2 years on.

My sister bought us another rashy before we went away but it didn’t have snaps in the crotch so I found the Rashoodz one better.

Rashoodz is one of the best swimwear brands for babies. I had trouble keeping a hat and a set of swimmers on, but then I bought Rashoodz and that was the way to go because the hat was connected. It was great.

I had one [swim nappy] from a nappy company that lasted me a couple of months maybe, but when I washed it, it all fell apart and stuck together. Then I had a Rashoodz one which is still going strong and washing well.

We bought her a Rashoodz last year and it’s fantastic. We bought one that was a unisex colour that we could use for a girl or a boy. Very easy to use and lasts.

I bought a Rashoodz for my 3 year old about a year ago and I found that it’s lasted a lot longer than the Cancer Council Rashies. I love how the hat doesn’t come off the rashy so that she doesn’t ever lose it.

I love the snap-on hat because even when my baby tried to pull it off, it still stayed on. I didn’t have to go finding it. It was snug on her and she loved it.

I bought a Rashoodz 3 years ago. We’ve used it for 2 children and still going strong. I love it. The kids love it. Great designs.

We bought a Rashoodz outfit for my daughter last summer and she wore it just about every day. The hat was fantastic. It didn’t come off because there are clips on the back. The colours are really groovy and she loved putting it on and off herself and she’s 3 so it was really easy and she looked great and didn’t get burnt the whole summer long.

I just think they’re the best things ever for swimming

...I finally found Rashoodz and I just find it absolutely amazing. The rash suit has been to the pool and the beach and she is about to wear it for another year.

They’re the most convenient, useful and long-lasting bathers I have ever seen.

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